Yvonne Lawson

Yvonne has had a great love of all animals from an early age. Her interest has been mainly dogs and horses, but over the years she has been privileged to spend time in the company of an amazing variety of wild animals and birds.

Yvonne currently shares her home with her very supportive husband, Great Dane, two cats, a jackdaw and a tawny owl plus a menagerie of free roaming wildlife outside. Her love of Great Danes spans over 30 years and for many of those years, Yvonne organised and taught giant breed Ringcraft and fun training classes.

Yvonne is a TTouch Companion Animal Practitioner level 1, and currently teaches a variety of classes, day events, one to one tuition, and workshops for all breeds of dogs using TTouch and ACE techniques.

Yvonne is based in Cambridgeshire and has an immense passion for dogs which she loves to share.