Ros Kinloch

Ros shares her life with two beautiful WSD dogs, Winnie (13) and Sophie (10), both rescues and both having endured far from ideal starts to their lives.

Ros was a SEN Teacher for 40 years. Sophie came into her life to make sure she continued the special needs theme as Ros retired from her teaching role.  Sophie has been the catalyst to send Ros on the never ending learning journey seeking solutions to her reactivity, and has been the greatest tutor Ros could ever have imagined.

Ros is an ACE Associate Tutor, a TTouch Practitioner 1, and an accredited agility trainer. Agility has proved a great way forward for Sophie and Ros, a passion they share.

Ros also has an Admin and Coaching role on Janet Finlay’s YEL team having studied with Janet for over nine years. Ros has also spent many inspiring and memorable weeks at Tilley Farm studying with Sarah Fisher, and always leaves blown away by the brilliance of ACE, and hungry to return for more.

Ros lives in Northamptonshire and in normal times is often in Devon too.  She runs one to one ACE Consultation Sessions.