Body Work

The body TTouches break down into three groups; circles, slides and lifts. They consist of a variety of specific light pressure touches and strokes. The aim is to increase mind/body awareness and to give the animal new information and experiences by engaging the sensory aspect of the nervous system.

The circular TTouches are the foundation of the TTouch Technique. The fingers or hand actually move the animal’s skin gently in one and a quarter circles, usually in a clockwise direction although some animals prefer anti clockwise circles.   


The Clouded Leopard TTouch is the foundation TTouch.

Softly curve your hand so that the first part of your fingers make contact with the animals body. Keep the wrist straight and gently move the skin in one and a quarter circles.



For the lifts, the hand gently lifts and supports the tissue of the body, then slowly releases it to the resting position.  This often assists an animal to release muscle tension around a specific joint or body part and the lifts are usually used on legs, shoulders, hindquarters and along the back and neck.  They can be combined with the circular TTouches or used on their own.

The Slides consist of slow gentle movements such as Ear Slides where the ear is stroked from the base right out to the tip, or long, mindful strokes that connect one body part to another.  These reduce stress, reinforce the animal’s spatial awareness and release tension.

The position of the hand and the pressure and type of TTouch used will vary from animal to animal and will be dependent on the animal’s responses to contact and the part of the body that is being TTouched.  For example nervous and defensive animals usually find contact with the back of the hand far less threatening and may initially only be able to tolerate being TTouched on their shoulder.

To watch a video with Linda Tellington Jones demonstrating bodywork on a horse click this link Bodywork Video